Google WiFi: Cloud WiFi for the rest of us!

For the longest time, as consumers, we have been stuck with bad and terrible options for home WiFi. Either it was a generic Netgear (also doing business as D Link, also doing business as Linksys) or Apple’s underwhelming Airport series. Cloud-based home or small office WiFi now has a very capable savior. Google WiFi is a scalable mesh WiFi network that is good for spaces from 500 to 6000+ square feet. It takes 5 minutes to set up each access point and it adapts to your WiFi usage and location to optimize services and devices. Most importantly, the price tag is competitive with all of the generic devices we are used to. A 3 pack from Amazon costs $297.85. You can monitor your WiFi usage from the easy-to-use app and even prioritize certain devices for bandwidth allocation. There is also a wealth of family-oriented options that make this the perfect solution to replace your antiquated home or small office setup.