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G Suite: The First Step In Your Cloud Strategy

Formerly Google Apps for Business, G Suite is the indispensable foundation of any organization’s cloud strategy. Combining all the familiar features of gmail, calendar and contacts, and adding the luxury of a shared 30Gb of data per user to be used across Google products like Google Drive, we love what this can bring to the table in terms of organizational productivity. Compared to traditional email hosting services, the cost is relatively low at $5 per month per user or $10 per month per user for unlimited cloud storage space. (Schools and Non-Profits are eligible to get this service free!). They have responsive and helpful support and since many of us already have gmail accounts, the switching costs in terms of staff training are comparatively low. For those of you on Office365 or your own exchange servers, Google has made the transition effortless in terms of the tools they provide. 

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