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Leverage your IT resources with managed IT support services

Whether you’re taking your first steps or are an industry behemoth, you want to focus on developing your product or service without being distracted by IT trivialities. You just know: your infrastructure should run smoothly, period. As a leading and acclaimed managed IT services provider, Advisory takes care of these trivialities so that you can work to achieve your goals, launch new projects, and make your customers happy. With Advisory, you can use various IT support services, from server and desktop management to disaster recovery. Our in-house engineers are highly skilled to help you with any IT issue you may encounter or plan for.

IT support the way you like it

With our managed IT service in NYC, your IT issues or demands are addressed to ensure you can keep working hard to pave your way to success. Plus, your business remains free, as we take pride in NOT tying your projects to our infrastructure. Contact us if you are ready to guard your projects with managed IT support services and keep frustrations at bay.

Managed IT Support

Our Services

A La Carte: Mix & Match to Suit Your Needs

What Advisory brings to the table as a managed service provider in NYC

As Needed Support

Remote Helpdesk

Remote Helpdesk to ensure you can get advice or practical assistance with everything, from making a tiny infrastructure adjustment to overhauling your enterprise network.

Professional Services & Project Work

Advisory MSP provides professional services and project work

Proactive Fleet Management

What Advisory brings to the table as a managed service provider in NYC

MDM Management

MDM to keep your laptops and tablets up-to-date with standard and proprietary security policies.

SSO & IdP Management

Optimization of your SSO & IdP solutions for the smooth and safe integration of new apps, employee onboarding, and everything happening behind the scenes. 

Proactive Defense

Proactive defense to make sure you get powerful anti-virus protection, fail-proof mail filtering, and other solutions that keep your assets guarded. 

Network Management and Support

Effective patching strategies to lock up any vulnerability in your systems, keep up with application versions, and maintain flawless functionality.

Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing services to store your new or old computers and get them ready for trouble-free operation when you need them. 

Our Subscription Solutions

Wizarrd Patch Management

Wizarrd Patch Management is a cloud-based service that helps keep your macOS devices compliant, secure and up to date without any of the hassle, regardless of MDM

Wizarrd Asset Management

All your computers. One central location. All your cloud licenses on a single dashboard.


Application titles updated monthly with Wizarrd Patch Management

Apple and Windows devices supported or managed by Advisory

Average rating on Apple Consultants Network.

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Standardized Computer Experience

Manual setups are a thing of the past! Focusing on zero-touch deployment, we leverage a suite of modern tools to simplify and standardize machine deployment regardless where your employees are located.

Protecting You & Your Technology.

There are a lot of factors that play into a healthy computer, but your time is valuable so leave the vitals to us. Our state of the art monitoring and patching software works silently in the background and if anything ever goes wrong we’ll proactively address it.

Let us Handle The Updates.

Updates are important, but they can sometimes feel tedious and let’s be honest, sometimes we forget to do them. This is why we’ve put systems in place to take care of these for you behind the scenes so you don’t have to. Need the latest software? It’s just a click away.