Google’s Confidential Mode: What You Need To Know

Google is rolling out a great new feature called Google’s Confidential Mode.

What does this mean for you and your team?

  • Email sent with Confidential Mode will prevent recipients from forwarding, copying, printing or downloading content or attachments.
  • Senders can also set an expiration date for messages sent with Confidential Mode and revoke access to them at any time.

Will you be forced to utilize Confidential Mode?

  • No. As a Google administrator, you can disable this option for you and your team.

If you disable Confidential mode this will prevent users from using this feature as an option when they send emails. Even though this feature will not officially launch to the general public until June 25th, 2019 – You have the option of using the BETA version today.

Please note that if you enable the BETA, these settings will carry over when the feature goes live. If no action is taken to enable or disable the feature before June 25th, Google’s Confidential Mode will automatically turn on meaning your users will have the option to use Confidential Mode for all their emails.

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