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The Right Tech. In the Right Place. At the Right Time.

Your business moves fast, striving to be the best at what you do. You don’t have time to wait around for logistical problems or to figure out where to store old or not-yet-deployed technology. You need the right tech, in the right place, at the right time — without having to worry about the complex logistics that make it happen.

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At Advisory, we take care of the logistics of technology procurement and warehousing, getting what you need where it needs to be. And if you’re exploring or expanding into a new service area, we can help you determine what your hardware needs will look like, too.

Check out how Advisory approaches the procurement and warehousing process.


First, up in purchasing. When it’s time for new hardware (desktops or laptops across your company, for example), you have hundreds if not thousands of hardware configurations that you could buy.

What you don’t have? Time and resources. You don’t have the time nor the resources to effectively evaluate hundreds if not thousands of hardware configurations. Depending on the size and focus of your IT staff, you might also lack the appropriate expertise to determine what levels of hardware are appropriate for various departments and users.

Our team of pros can handle the entire purchasing process for you. We’ll work with you to establish your specific needs. Our services include user-level hardware (desktops, laptops, tablets, monitors, accessories, and so on) as well as any larger hardware needs, like servers or conference room tech. If you’re in an industry with specific specialized tech needs, chances are, we can handle those, too.

We’ll determine which devices or classes of devices make sense for your use cases and put together a purchasing plan (and a lifecycle upgrade plan) so your teams can keep being productive for years to come. You’ll also get a good sense of what recurring costs will be like so you can plan your IT spending accordingly.

We’ll leverage our existing connections with hardware vendors — or work with your chosen or contracted vendors. Either way is fine with us.

We keep up with new developments in business tech and proactively make recommendations for what new hardware could increase your productivity and employee quality of life.

Best of all, we’ll do all this within the budgetary constraints you determine.

Warehousing & Logistics: Purchasing
Warehousing & Logistics


Large purchases of new tech rarely arrive completely preassembled or in exactly the timeframe you need them. You’re going to need storage and staging area for new tech as it arrives, not to mention for older or currently not-in-use tech.

Selecting and purchasing the right hardware is a crucial piece of the puzzle, but where are you going to put it all?

For many businesses, square footage is at a premium. There simply isn’t an extra room — let alone warehouse space — for housing a bunch of computers and monitors, or for prepping and deploying the new tech.

The best solution? Let us worry about warehousing your technology equipment. Offload all that worry and logistics to us, so you can focus even more closely on achieving your organization’s goals.



Last, Advisory can take over the provisioning and deployment process for you, assigning and imaging technology for employees as needed. We’ll handle IT onboarding, getting new devices ready for new hires at the right time and place.

We’ll also handle planned upgrades and rollouts, provisioning newly purchased machines for existing staff, and oversee the rollout of software and OS updates and security patches via your company’s MDM solution.

If it looks like hardware and it needs to get imaged and set up or delivered, Advisory can provide it for you.

Reduce Complexity and Improve Focus

Reduce Complexity and Improve Focus

Technology procurement, warehousing, purchasing, and provisioning are all crucial aspects of getting your employees up and running (and keeping them going). But each of these areas can create logistical struggles and headaches that distract you from your core mission.

Let Advisory take that work off your plate. When you pass that work off to us, we’ll exceed your expectations, and you’ll regain precious time and resources that you can refocus on what matters most for your business.