Proactive Defense

Proactive Defense Against Future Threats

Why Proactive Defense: Because attackers have no rules and are continuously developing new methods, the battle against cyber incidents must always be one step ahead of any potential threats.

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Proactive Defense: Proactive Defense Against Future Threats

Malicious actors are becoming more sophisticated. As we become increasingly dependent on the cloud, having a well-defined, multi-layered security strategy is central to the well-being of any organization, big or small. We have taken years of experience across multiple industries to provide best-in-class solutions to our clients.

Through our partnerships with top-tier security companies, we have compiled a complimentary full-stack security suite to capture all of the critical elements of a proper proactive defense strategy. The best part? We manage it for you! 

Proactive Defense: Email Protection. Stopping Phishing In Its Tracks.

Email Protection. Stopping Phishing In Its Tracks.

No matter how tech-savvy your users are, phishing attempts are the #1 way for malicious actors to penetrate your cybersecurity defenses. According to Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), phishing is the top “action variety” seen in breaches in the last year, and 43% of breaches involved phishing and/or pretexting. We help organizations prepare for and protect their employees and their assets by implementing proactive and sophisticated machine learning tools like Sophos Email Filtering that continuously adapt to the threat landscape and expertly filter out phishing campaigns and unwanted spam.

Proactive Defense: Device Defense. Find My Device for the Enterprise.

Device Defense. Find My Device for the Enterprise.

Through our partnership with HiddenApp, we can help create a geofencing and geolocation perimeter for your entire fleet. Using the same technology as Find My iPhone, HiddenApp helps organizations manage large fleet device coordinates without the hassle of individual logins for each device. 

Proactive Defense

Disaster Recovery. Prepare for the Worst But Hope for the Best.

Despite best attempts, there can always be a catastrophic failure in the form of a spilled coffee on a keyboard or a compromised cloud server. This is where the redundancy of a good backup solution comes into play both at the device and cloud infrastructure levels. Using tools like Datto or Backblaze, we can ensure that your data is safely duplicated and minimize the amount of time it takes to recover from failures both big and small.

No matter the OS, your devices will be continuously protected from threats. Using our integrated approach of antivirus (endpoint protection), advanced mail filtering, and device geolocation, our security suite is designed to cover all vectors of malicious threats that can affect your fleet. Talk to us today about how we can help your organization strengthen your defensive position.