Managed IT Services

What Managed Services Means to Us

Every solution we implement has an aspect of our three pillars of technology involved: Endpoint Security, Identity Management, and Network Security.

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At Advisory, we understand that your team may not have the bandwidth or the specialization to look after all aspects of your IT ecosystem. For those clients, we offer a fixed price, fully managed IT solution that covers all aspects of a fully formed IT strategy.

Once enrolled, our clients get to enjoy all aspects of our as-needed and proactive services included in your easy to understand monthly bill. Most importantly, we add the important strategic planning aspect to keep your budgets and your lifecycles on track. These are just some of the highlights:

Remote HelpDesk

Remote Helpdesk 

Our remote helpdesk team is staffed by senior desktop engineers. They hold advanced certifications in networking, MDM, operating systems, and SSO platforms. We never use the excuse of SLAs to make our clients do unnecessary tasks and get straight to the heart of the issue. 

Quarterly Business Reviews and Project Management

In addition to ensuring a properly functioning tech ecosystem, your customer success manager will work with your team to define priorities, align on future hiring plans, understand how to improve our working relationships and provide feedback. These invaluable meetings are central to the continued success of our engagements.

Professional Services & Project Work
Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM Management 

Our service-driven MDM management helps keep your Jamf, Intune, and Workspace One instances up to date and in compliance with your organization’s security policies. Our team proactively prepares your instances for updates and works with your internal team to ensure compliance with patching and security. 

SSO & IdP Management

Whether it is integrating new apps, helping with on and offboarding, or ensuring iterative updates to your existing Okta or OneLogin infrastructure, our certified team of engineers can help optimize your SSO and identity management tools.

SSO & IdP Management
Proactive Defense

Proactive Defense 

No matter the OS, your devices will be continuously protected from threats. Using our integrated approach of anti-virus (endpoint protection), advanced mail filtering, and device geolocation, our security suite is designed to cover all vector of malicious threats that can affect your fleet.

Network Management

Our proprietary internal monitoring and remediation tools are designed to minimize downtime, increase network reliability and ensure that the latest security patches are always tested and applied to your Cisco Meraki or Unifi network. Where necessary, it would be our InfoSec team’s responsibility to work with your vendors to get you back online. 

Network Management and Support
Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing & Logistics

Whether your office is closed our just want IT closer to your assets, we help our clients have a central depot for all new computer orders and a place to have their machines sent back to. As new or loaner machine requests come in, we can pre-stage the hardware to ensure a seamless onboarding experience. 

Wizarrd Asset Management

One of the most frequent, time-intensive tasks is trying to put together a hardware and software audit to make sure that you are not paying for licenses you don’t need or to simply see who is provisioned for which service. Wizarrd is an easy to navigate web-based portal that not only allows you to quickly audit your cloud license subscriptions from a single pane of glass, it incorporates your computer and network stack inventory for supported systems.

Asset Management Simplified
Asset Management Simplified

Wizarrd Patch Management

Compliance and security are two of the hallmarks of a well-defined patching strategy. However, keeping track of application versions and the zero day vulnerabilities that prompt IT departments to scramble is almost a full time job. Wizarrd Patching helps alleviate the stress through a fully scalable and robust cloud based infrastructure that helps keep your fleet of Macs up to date.