On and Offboarding Support

100% Seamless Transitions. 0% Logistical Headaches.

Sourcing and onboarding new employees are complex enough — before you ever even think IT. Finding candidates, interviewing them, and making hiring decisions already commands a great deal of focus for company leaders and hiring managers. It makes sense that you aren’t thinking detailed thoughts about the technical implications of that new hire.

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But there’s plenty of logistical and IT work to do between “You’re hired!” and day one. If you’re leading a growing business — especially if you’re scaling rapidly — you likely know the pain of logistical and IT issues not being resolved when a new hire is supposed to start.

As far as hiring gaffes to go, it doesn’t get much more embarrassing than greeting an employee on day one, only to have no desk to put them at or no device for them to start training or working on.

The other side of the coin is offboarding. Employees will inevitably leave. Do you have a plan for helping them leave well (without taking your tech or your data with them)?

On and Offboarding Support

Leave the transitions to us. You focus on growing your business.

At Advisory, we know you’ve got better things to do than worry about these complex and (let’s be honest) sometimes boring transition points. You’re busy scaling your business or pressing for more growth. So we offer both on and offboarding support for all our managed services clients, taking this pressure off.

We’ll handle these IT transitions — you can leave them to us. You keep your focus on growing your business.

On and Offboarding Support

Services We Offer – On & Offboarding Support

At Advisory Solutions, it’s our goal to handle every IT aspect of the onboarding and offboarding process so you don’t even have to think about it on a day-to-day or hire-by-hire basis. Here’s an overview of the services we offer in this area.

Technology Purchasing and Repurposing

Whatever your role at your company — whether you’re the founder, a hiring manager, or an IT head — you shouldn’t be spending your time shopping for hardware or negotiating with vendors.

Our team of pros knows exactly which vendors to contact for a wide range of business needs, and we already have the contacts and connections at those companies. We also keep up to date on the latest developments in business hardware, so we’ll always be ready to recommend and procure the appropriate level of hardware. We’ll balance processing power and budgetary realities, finding you the ideal hardware for your purchasing power.

We’ll also take care of repurposing any used or returned tech that still has life left in it. In some cases, we can reimage that still-current machine and have it ready to go for your next hire.

If you don’t have a dedicated in-house procurement or provisioning team, let us handle this work for you.

Provisioning New Accounts

Even the right hardware is nearly useless if a new hire doesn’t have access to the appropriate accounts, systems, and services — on day one. That’s why we take care of provisioning new accounts across a range of services for our clients. We’ll take care of setting up email (or an entire Microsoft 365 account), Slack, Zoom, and other tools that you choose.

Stop wasting half of an employee’s first day figuring out logins and signing up for new services. Let us handle account provisioning, and we’ll have it ready before the employee needs to use it.

Onboarding Sessions for New Staff

The actual IT onboarding process can look very different depending on the nature of your business. Many firms hold onto this process, customizing training themselves for various roles and departments.

This can work well for some companies, but internal onboarding efforts are only as good as the onboarding plan — and the direct managers’ ability to follow that plan.

Because initial IT and software onboarding can be challenging to get right (and consistent) within an organization, we offer this service for clients who need it. We’ll conduct an onboarding session with your new employees, getting them up and running and answering any questions they have about their IT environment.

Our IT onboarding sessions are no replacement for a manager’s first-day activities. But we can take the burden of explaining complex IT tools and processes off your managers’ plates, letting them focus on the business and departmental side of onboarding instead.

Offboarding Support

It’s inevitable that eventually, you’ll part ways with an employee. Startups and smaller businesses often don’t look closely at the IT component of offboarding, but this can lead to significant problems down the road.

Your organization needs a clear plan for recovering IT assets and closing out employee accounts as soon as an employee leaves the company. Of course, doing this requires a combination of MDM and account control so that you can 1) know what hardware an employee has and 2) control that hardware and an employee’s associated accounts.

It’s crucial to have clear policies in place that protect your data and protect you from asset shrinkage. We can help you craft these policies, though the easiest option of all is to leave the onboarding support to us.

Whatever your onboarding and offboarding IT support needs to look like, Advisory is ready to meet them.