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As an architecture firm, you need to stay laser-focused on delivering results that will last for generations. You don’t have the time or the headspace to be distracted by a never-ending list of IT concerns.

You may well have some naturally IT-savvy employees, but do you want them splitting their time between helpdesk tasks, IT provisioning and more — along with their primary responsibilities?

At Advisory Solutions, we understand the IT needs of architecture firms like yours. Technology is constantly evolving, and the savvy architecture firm must stay current to stay competitive.

Yet, the best firms also know the value of staying focused on the value they can bring to their clients — and getting distracted by IT concerns doesn’t help them keep this focus.

White Glove IT Tailored for Architecture Firms

White Glove IT Tailored for Architecture Firms

Work at your firm is fast-paced and varied. Projects pile up and deadlines are always looming. In an environment like yours, the last thing you need is an IT problem stopping your talent in its tracks.

Advisory Solutions offers full-service, white-glove managed IT for architecture firms, taking care of your entire IT workload and ecosystem. We boast a dedicated team of experienced IT pros, and we’re here to make sure you have the tech and tools needed to consistently deliver results — without worrying about whether your technology can keep up.

Whether you’re an established firm, you’re just starting, or you’re experiencing growth, we can provide the resources you need to operate (and grow) efficiently.

Quality Managed IT, Anywhere

Quality Managed IT, Anywhere

Today’s architects are more mobile and distributed than ever before, and that’s no problem whatsoever when you partner with Advisory Solutions. Whatever your team looks like and wherever team members work from, we can support them. We work well with virtual or distributed workforces as well as on-site or hybrid teams.

No matter where your team is in the world, we can jump on a screen share or connect on Slack to help get you or your team members back on track. While you take care of your clients, we’ll take care of you.

Access Whenever and Wherever You Need It

Access Whenever and Wherever You Need It

Architects and support staff need the ability to access files and information wherever and whenever they need them, but you also need the stability and safety of centralized, backed-up storage.

Cloud storage is the ideal solution for architecture firms. We’ll help you get there with minimal disruption to existing processes.

Physical servers are in the past. We help agencies move to the cloud. We’ll leverage partnerships with cloud storage leaders like Google, Dropbox and Microsoft to set you up with an easily accessible cloud storage system that will grow with you.

Taking the Pain Out of Onboarding and Offboarding

Onboarding and offboarding can be a logistical nightmare for firms struggling to manage their own IT.

But when you partner with us, the days of spending hours setting up a single computer are long gone.

We take care of IT provisioning and deployment, providing the equipment and software you need at exactly the moment you need it.

We also implement best-in-class mobile device management solutions like Jamf, Microsoft InTune and VMware Workspace ONE for our clients, keeping systems secure yet accessible from mobile and personal devices.

We create an easy, automated onboarding and offboarding experience for our clients. You don’t have to do a thing. We take care of provisioning and imaging so you can keep on delivering results for clients, free of distraction.

Taking the Pain Out of Onboarding and Offboarding
A Trusted Name in NYC and Beyond

A Trusted Name in NYC and Beyond

Advisory Solutions has become the premiere managed services provider in New York City. Our name is trusted here—and everywhere. Our valued partnerships with the best in the business, including The Apple Consultants Network, Sophos, Jamf, Google and more, further reinforce both our value and our dependability.

Our team is all US-based, with personnel that covers all US time zones. So no matter where your office is in the continental United States, you can reach us anytime during business hours via email or Slack message. Fast and knowledgeable tech are only a message away.

Don’t Get Sucked Into Year-Long Contracts

Most managed IT firms depend on year-long contracts. These certainly increase profitability and stability for the IT company, but they provide no value to client businesses. They don’t incentivize top-tier service, either.

We don’t believe in year-long service contracts. Instead, we believe in earning your trust every single day. That’s why we use month-to-month contracts for all our services.

We earn your trust quickly and build that trust over time, showing you the value of our services as we go. And if you don’t like what you see, you’re free to move on.

We provide transparent billing with no hidden fees, and we constantly work to find better and more cost-effective solutions for our clients. You’ll also get a monthly report listing all the tickets we’ve resolved so you can keep up to date on what your team has been dealing with.

Ready to get out of the IT business and get back to doing what you love? Get in touch today!

Don’t Get Sucked Into Year-Long Contracts