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Quality network management and support is critical for modern businesses. It’s often the difference between timely responses and delayed inaction, stability and instability, and even business success and failure.

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Yet far too many businesses take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to their network hardware and management. Because network hardware is hidden out of sight, tucked away in a networking or electrical closet, it’s rarely the first thing that comes to mind when businesses consider IT upgrades.

It’s time for a better, more proactive approach. It’s time for networking management and support, the Advisory way.

Offering Network Management Solutions From Two Leading Hardware Providers

At Advisory, we’re proud to partner with two leaders in networking hardware, Cisco Meraki and Unifi.

Between these two providers, we’re able to offer network management hardware for every scenario, from simple small-business configurations to highly complex enterprise-level implementations.

We’ll take your wired and wireless network infrastructure from wherever it is now to a new level of stability, security, and support. We’ll also analyze your connectivity partner and make recommendations if there’s a better approach.

Our Approach to Network Management and Support

Advisory’s approach to network management and support is customized for each of our clients, considering a client’s size, complexity, and networking needs. Below are the steps we take and the services we offer for both management and support of business networks.

Site Visits

After an initial consult, we’ll typically start with a site visit so we can get a sense of what a client will need to cover their space. We’ll evaluate the structure of a space and take stock of any existing networking infrastructure (such as cable runs) that could be repurposed or reused.

We’ll also look for any building materials or equipment that could cause drops in the Wi-Fi signal. We’ll use this information to bolster and reinforce wireless coverage throughout a space.

After the site visit, we’ll prepare a comprehensive networking management plan that will provide clients with the robust networking services they need in an intelligent, future-proof package.

Wiring Services

If a client needs cabling run for the first time or needs newer cabling installed in the place of existing cabling, we’ll partner with some of the leading wiring companies in the area. Our clients receive professionally installed cabling that’s all tucked appropriately out of site.

Physical Network Implementation

Once the site has been wired, it’s time to physically install all needed network equipment and hardware. Our team will come to your space and get your network infrastructure in place, connected, and running efficiently. We’ll test your new network to ensure it’s operating as it should.

Next, we’ll also perform a heatmap to test wireless signal coverage throughout your facility. If there are any issues with the Wi-Fi signal, we’ll address those by repositioning wireless routers or adding more to the space.

Hardware Optimization

Many of our clients come to us with a mess of networking hardware from multiple vendors. Some of it doesn’t talk well to the rest (at least without burdensome workarounds). Functionality ends up getting duplicated, and efficiency drops — both of which drive up costs and prices.

A better approach is to think holistically about network hardware, optimizing around a single manufacturer and ecosystem, where possible.

By optimizing hardware, we help our clients realize efficiency and cost gains in the long term. Support is also greatly simplified, leading to less downtime, faster repairs and updates, and better overall network quality of life.

Post Installation Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Once the setup and testing are complete, we stick with our clients and transition into a proactive network monitoring and troubleshooting mode. Using a centralized Meraki portal (to which we and clients both have access), we’ll monitor network vitals proactively, getting involved whenever something starts to go wrong.

From that centralized Meraki portal, our team of technicians can make changes to network operations, fix problems as they occur, and push updates when they become available.

Looking for a more proactive partner for your business’s network management and support? Advisory is ready. Let’s chat.