Video Calls In One Place – Meeter

Work from home has become the new normal. A lot of us are waking up and walking the 2ft it takes to get to our desks in order to get into work mode. Part of our new reality is a lot of video calls. Your calendar is probably filled with endless events.

The biggest annoyance? Multiple platforms. Your company has most likely standardized on a video platform by now. You may use Zoom, or Google meet. Some of you may have gone all in on CISCO Webex. All of these are great options for video calls but if you’re like us, maybe you’re looking at a way to streamline your video conferences. This is where Meeter comes in.

Video Calls In One Place - Meeter

Meeter is a macOS app available in the Mac app store. The app is complete free and brings all of your video calls into one easy to navigate screen. You can view all of your video calls as well as join them right from the Meeter app. Meeter works with most popular video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, CISCO Webex, Microsoft Teams and more.

With Meeter, simply connect your work calendar, your personal calendar or both! Please note that using Meeter requires you to connect a calendar in order for it to work. You can even create custom contacts which allows you to call them directly from the Meeter app. This makes it quicker to find contacts you talk to on a regular basis.

Finally, Google further integrated their Google Meet features into via a web browser. You can start a new meeting right from This creates a seamless integration for joining or starting a new video call.


Video Calls In One Place - Meeter

Video calls are easier than they’ve ever been and keeping them all in one place just got even better with Meeter.