End-to-End Encryption Coming to Zoom For Paying Users

Zoom announced this week that they’re developing end-to-end encryption for their conferencing services. This comes after their acquisition of encryption company, Keybase. The new feature will only be available to those with paid Zoom accounts. In the last few weeks concerns have been raised concerning Zoom’s security. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has seen a spike in utilization since most of the world is still observing lockdown.

Safety experts and privacy advocates have been outspoken about user privacy when joining a ZOOM call; specifically unregistered users having the ability to join Zoom calls they weren’t invited to. End-to-end encryption ensures no one except for invited users and their trusted devices can join a Zoom call. Zoom believes that making end-to-end encryption available only to paid users would deter spammers who take advantage of free services.

At the moment, Zoom’s in-meeting text chat feature is the only feature that has end-to-end encryption, however, the backlash from their users seems to be a driving factor in Zoom building on their security infrastructure. Other video conferencing services like RingCentral and Apple’s FaceTime already have end-to-end encryption.

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